Apply Hong Kong D-Biz Fund

Did you apply for round 1 of HK D-Biz funding? The good news is round 2 is now open for application. Here are the common FAQs to get successful 100% funding for your D-Biz fund application

Round 1 application i applied for 2 categories but only 1 category was approved and the second category was rejected, what should i do?

You still need to accept round 1 category by logging in online (prepare your BR number and check email for the OTP sent for login) to check status. If your approved amount is different from the quotation amount, you need to send revised quotation to HKPC via email

My first round of application was approved but i am not satisfied with the amount of funding?

You have few options, A. talk to the vendor and see what they can offer for the approved funding amount and if ok, then ask them to send you revised quote (this means you will accept the funding amount and proceed with project, so you will need to do online acceptance above.

Option B : reject this funding amount (need to login online also to reject), and then in round 2, resubmit this quotation with same vendor or new vendor and see if you will get a better amount this round. Do note, HKPC has the right to reject the project, or they might approve the project with the bigger / higher amount as they deemed suitable)

If i submitted 3 category in round 1, can i apply for round 2 DBIZ funding?

Yes you can, just login and submit the round 2 with new quotations and round 2 you can apply for 3 categories (but it cannot be for the same category you have accepted in round 1)

For example in round 1 you have applied for category 1 : online business to create your ecommerce online shop. For round 2, you can apply for category 2, to open stores in other ecommerce platforms such as (Cross border ecommerce platform for HK brands to sell to South East Asia + linked to Lazada + Shopee, with 28Mall managements service including logistics arrangements and customer service).

How much is the approved amount for HK DBiz fund?

It is 100% funding, so the SME / company should make full use of this free funding to grow your business. Typically, Category 1 : Online Business to build online eshops / ecommerce website is about HK$47,000 which includes ecommerce subscription for 12 months (so it’s 1 whole year of free online shop for you)

Category 2 : Typically our clients are also getting subsidy for HK$47,000 which includes their online shop in + listing in top South East Asia ecommerce platforms like Shopee, Lazada, JD and management services for 1 whole year. Imagine your products getting additional channels to sell for free !

Category 5 : Digital Payment . For clients looking to apply for online payment systems such as WeChat Pay, create official wechat account to accept online payment from China customers (they pay in China RMB, but you will receive your funds directly in HKD in your Hong Kong bank account) , our clients have received 100% of the quoted amount as in the quotations

Other popular categories to apply include

Category 4 : Chatbot, amounts over HK$30,000 for you to setup chatbot system (your automated 24 / 7 assistant to help you answer the questions from prospects while linking to FB messenger, your website or WhatsApp / Line

No matter which category you wish to apply for or for round 2 application you need quotations from vendors on HKPC Dbiz vendors list, do contact us for your free consult

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