How to Upload Advertisement Banners on Home page to Online Shop?

Login to Your Online Store Admin Dashboard, click on VELOCITY>>Meta Data>scroll down to Images section floor as shown below

Under this section, the admin can set the images for Advertisement Four Images, Advertisement Three Images, Advertisement Two Images.

This is the sizes for the Advertisement banners :
1. Below top banner left : 464px W x 424px H
2. Below top banner middle upper : 464px W x 150px H
3. Below top banner middle upper : 464px W x 257px H
4. Below top banner right : 466px W x 424px H
5. Middle banner left : 704px W x 463px H
6. Middle banner right top : 707px W x 226px H
7. Middle banner right bottom : 707px W x 226px H
8. Bottom banner left : 1064px W x 499px H
9. Bottom banner right : 302px W x 445px H

Front End :